WINGSOL Faucet Water Filter,Durable Stainless Steel,Recyclable 7-Layer Filter,360°Rotation,Faucet Filter,Remove Sediment Improve Taste,Easy Install,water faucet purifier,Fit Standard Faucets

Durable & Sturdy: 304 stainless steel housing, no-cracking no-leakage, 10 times stronger than the plastic filters;
Filtration effect: Mainly remove water sediment such as: rust, sand, dirt,big particles; partially reduce chlorine and improve taste;NOT FOR TDS REDUCTION!!!
Recyclable: Filter cartridge can be brushed repeatly for refreshing, economic and eco-friendly;
360° full angle rotation: Unique design, convenient for dish/pot washing in sink;
Filter replacing: Maximum 200 gallons or 3 months (depend on water quality & user habit).